Zerilli Studios and Abbiamo Group collaboration grow, Italian brand,

Rebecca into a widely popular brand across the US.



Abbiamo group was hired to do a marketing campaign lasting about two years. Abbiamo Group assigned Zerilli Studios for their strong reputation in creativity in the realm of  photography. Zerilli Studios creative expertise in designing the collateral used to brand and present Testi USA as well as the actual images they put together has advanced the brand well beyond its expectations.




Abbiamo Group, a US marketing firm, combined the creative talents of Zerilli Studios, a esteemed photography studio near Detroit, to take Testi USA’s US brand, Rebecca Jewelry, and turn it into a highly regarded brand American retailers have been eager to buy from. Rebecca Jewelry’s pieces are all manufactured in Italy and are composed mainly of alternatives to precious metals and gems.



Expanding one’s sales to a competitive jewelry market where no one knows your brand seems like a daunting task, especially in the midst of the financial crisis that we faced 2007-2008. Around 2008, Rebecca Jewelry decided to expand to the United States, even with it being unknown to any American retailer.




Zerilli Studios played an extensive role in the project from briefing the clients on concepts to photographing and creating the visuals to coordinating the printing, not to mention handling the press checks. Zerilli Studios even went above and beyond to design the marketing tools as well, including the Product Catalog, the Media Kit, and even a brochure to display Rebecca’s history. Zerilli Studios has definitely shown what true branding is and how it is to be done.


There was a variety of marketing approaches that Zerilli Studios chose to take including magazine ads, display cases, billboards, and window/wall Duratrans. Zerilli Studios responded by designing their images to be adaptable while never losing the beauty and allure that comes with it.

Magazine ADs*

Full Page ADs, Double Page, Half Page Vert.*

Display Cases (Small, Medium, Large)*

Billboards 10' 20' 40'*

Window or Wall Duratran*

* All Photography with models only in this page was supplied by the client

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